Ancestor Healing

Heal Inherited and Emotional Patterns to Renew your Life

Clear karmic patterns and create a brighter future with Ancestor Healing

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Ancestor healing is a profound way to clear karmic patterns and restore harmony in every aspect of your life.

Most people understand that emotional patterns affect well-being, relationships and life opportunities. However, inherited energy patterns passed down from previous generations are highly influential factors that are less well known. Ancestor Healing is a powerful method which identifies and clears these energy patterns, to create greater wellbeing, emotional freedom and connect people to their true nature.

Through Ancestor Healing, individuals and families can finally overcome deep blockages and karma, building a healthy and strong foundation for themselves and future generations.

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How Ancestor Healing works

Within our energy systems, emotional patterns, ancestor’s life experiences, memories, pain, health issues and even addictions can be imprinted and carried forward to future generations. It is even common to find major events or traumas in an individual’s life mirrored in their ancestors’ lives.

Ancestor Healing is a profound and spiritual course to clear those inherited energy patterns that adversely affect our well-being and relationships. The course uses energy and sound (vibration) and is rooted in the practice of respecting ancestors and appreciating life.

As increasing numbers of people strive for a healthier and happier life through dietary changes, self-development and spiritual work, people still find they have ailments and patterns they just cannot shift. Ancestor Healing can often be the change to heal karma and family patterns once and for all.

The Course

This deep spiritual practice comprises a 21-day foundation course consisting of four sessions, known as ceremonies over a three week period and daily chanting.

Each ceremony lasts 90 minutes and takes place in the Saemtu, a room filled with Qi. Each ceremony has an arrangement of food, fruit, flowers and rice and participants offer wine at the start of the ceremony. This is to show respect and gratitude to the Source, nature and ancestors and is prepared with dedication and love.

The energy pattern of ancestors changes daily through chanting and receiving the vibration of Qi, through the descendant’s body and mind. It’s an uplifting process and brings profound spiritual and energetic changes that can break patterns forever.


Talk to us

Since every individual and their family is different, book a consultation so we can guide you through the course and tailor it to your specific needs. Prices start from £1500.


Prefer an online experience?

We can also arrange Ancestor Healing courses online. Just book in for a consultation for more information.

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Will Ancestor Healing help my physical and emotional well-being?

We each have a body, mind and spirit and the three are connected. Improving our energy and brightening the spirit of our ancestors changes the energy pattern in our lives. Ancestor Healing is a spiritual practice rather than a course for healing our physical and emotional problems. However changes made on a spiritual level can filter down into our physical lives. Many people taking part in the course have experienced positive and deep changes.

Do I need to bring other members of my family?

Only one person in the family is needed to take part in the course, but partners, siblings, parents and children are welcome to join if they would like to take part.

I don’t live near a centre, can I still do Ancestor Healing?

It is possible to take part from a different country or city, by joining the ceremonies and chanting classes online. The course is as effective online as Qi energy operates beyond space and time.

I don’t know much about my family. Does that matter?

You don’t need a detailed family tree to take part in the course, but a consultation is required to work out the most important family branches for each person.

I would like to heal my family, but I’m not a spiritual person. Is that important?

Ancestor Healing involves ceremonies and chanting and even if this practice is unfamiliar, it is important to try to be open. People from many different religious and cultural backgrounds take part in the Ancestor Healing course and experience many benefits from the process.

What changes can I expect from doing Ancestor Healing?

Ancestor Healing is a spiritual practice to show respect to our ancestors who gave us our life. It is a process to heal the karmic patterns that have been passed down from previous generations. It can be a very moving process but each person’s experience is different.

I don’t like or speak to my family. Would it help me to help them?

When there is separation, pain or trauma in a family, it is sometimes more important to take part in the course as a way of clearing these patterns for future generations and bringing peace and harmony to the family.